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Have an Annuity and Need Cash?

Are you looking to free your annuity assets up to assist during an emergency, finance a large purchase or boost tax savings through an alternative investment? Would you like to get a lumpsum for an annuity today? Regardless of your reason for sale, we can help you turn your annuity into a lump-sum cash payout. provides the expertise and guidance you need to take more control of your cash flow and enjoy real financial security. We specialize in converting small monthly payments into lump sum cash payouts for pension and annuities. No waiting. No budgeting. No worrying.

Annuity Lumpsum Payouts

You can sell your annuity for any reason, its your money, theres no need to go into great detail. Many of the reasons people want to sell an annuity are listed below.

Our knowledgeable and experienced account representatives will walk you through the entire process - from preparing a custom quote to suit your situation to handling administrative tasks and payment processing. Well help you determine eligibility, confirm that your annuity is not variable and that it allows for ownership changes or assignments. Well also explain your annuity buyer, best annuity rates, cash advance on annuity options to ensure you make the most informed decision possible, answering all of your questions in plain, easy-to-understand English.



Annuity Sales Process

  1. Fill-out our online form or callĀ 800-306-9841, today.
  2. Well contact you within just one business day to discuss your options in detail.
  3. Well draft and forward a contract package based on your preferences.
  4. Once received, your signed paperwork is forwarded to your policy provider for processing.
  5. Once the confirmation letter is received from your policy provider, we mail your lump-sum annuity buyout check.

Get started with an annuity buyer today!

So what are you waiting for? In less than two weeks, you could be holding a check in your hand. Start the annuity cash advance process, today. Complete our online form or call 800-306-9841. Theres absolutely no obligation!