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Cash-in Your Annuity Payments

You have every right to cash out your annuity for a partial or lump sum payment. The issue is whether you are in a position to use that option to your advantage. Many people are considering how to sell annuity payments as a way to get quick access to much needed cash. There are limitless reasons why getting a lump sum payment for an annuity makes perfect sense. Perhaps a job loss, costly repair or an unforeseen medical emergency is creating substantial financial concerns.

Remember The Choice is Yours to Sell Annuity Payments

Only you can make the choice to take the money now or keep receiving the monthly payments that you are currently receiving. Some annuity payments are large whereas others amount to little more than a fraction of total monthly income. Small payments may not have as much value to the recipient as a large sum of money that is disbursed in one payment. Some recipients do not rely on monthly annuity payments to make ends meet, and getting a lump sum payment may provide a substantial increase in liquidity.

Keep in mind that many cash for annuity programs are not bad, predatory or misleading. We provide a valuable service to people who are fully aware of what they need in order to reach their financial goals. Problems arise when recipients make poor financial decisions or choose a company that takes advantage of their vulnerability. Anyone who does their homework and takes time to research the benefits and consequences of cashing in their annuity will avoid making serious mistakes.

Lump Sum Annuity Requirements

Lump sum annuity payments can also involve various legal requirements that need to be satisfied before many transactions can be approved. They are designed to protect the recipient as well as the investor. Working with will eliminate much of the risk and uncertainty that is associated with these arrangements. We will be forthcoming with the all requirements, conditions, costs and impact that it will have on your overall financial security. Dont be afraid to sell your annuity payments if it gives you more financial security. Give us a call and ask questions, be realistic and explore all of your available lump sum annuity options today.