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Buy My Annuity, Of Course!

Today many people are trying to get by on monthly payments from a lump sum settlement or annuity. If you are struggling to make ends meet with monthly annuity payments, consider our buy my annuity option. Our highly rated program gives you a lump sum of cash for a monthly annuity payment that you are already getting. The buy my annuity choice is very useful when the monthly amount you are receiving just does not cover the expenses.

Lumpsum Annuity Cash, It is Yours

When you are using a monthly annuity payment and an emergency pops up, you could find yourself in a difficult situation. This is when you may want to sell an annuity, or least sell part of your annuity, rather than using credit cards or taking out a personal loan. When you get a lumpsum for an annuity you can use this money for anything that you might need or want.

Once you are able to sell you annuity you can do anything you would like with the money. Some of the most popular reasons people ask the question,Will someone buy my annuity?, are:
  1. Pay off credit cards
  2. Pay off personal loans
  3. Home / Auto Repairs
  4. Invest in a business
  5. Down payment on large purchase

There are no restrictions, it is your money to do with whatever you want.

Selling An Annuity

A few things you need to understand when getting a structured settlment loan or selling part of an annuity is that you will receive a smaller amount that the total balance and the amount you would receive should you continue with the monthly payments. The reason behind that is due to the interest payments over time. Because you are no longer receiving payments, the annuity has not fully matured. Therefore the payments that you would have received would have netted more cash over time. However, by taking a buy my annuity lump sum you will receive a slightly smaller figure.