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Structured Settlement Company

Often, when a lawsuit is completed in a personal injury case, a settlement is reached in which the plaintiff is scheduled to receive structured settlement payments over a certain period of time. Once a settlement is reached and the payment structure determined, it usually becomes an irrevocable contract. However, if the circumstances of the claimant change, and they find themselves in need of immediate money, they can sell their payments to a structured settlement company for a lump sum of cash.

What to look for in a structured settlement company

If you are thinking about selling a structured settlement, there are some important things you should know before selecting a structured settlement company. There are many structured settlement companies to choose from. Unfortunately, they cant all be trusted.

  1. A structured settlement company should be able to assist you from the time you begin to consider selling your settlement payments to the time you receive your lump sum of cash. They should always have your best interests at heart. They should apprise you of your options, walk you through the process, handle the legal paperwork and communicate with you on a regular basis.
  2. Make sure the structured settlement companies youre considering are fair and honest. A structured settlement company should be upfront about any costs or fees you may be liable for. Find out how long they anticipate it will take before you have cash in your hands. The process should take no more than four to six weeks at most.
  3. What do they say about themselves? You can research a range of structured settlement companies online. All companies should have a website that tells you about their business. All should respond to queries in a timely manner and answer your questions in language that is easy to understand.

Beware of gift giving structured settlement companies.

Often, structured settlement companies will send you money, gift cards or other things just to get your business but, like the Trojan horse, these gifts can come with unpleasant surprises and some companies will fail to help you when it really counts. At we want you to make an informed choice about your money. We invite you to compare us to other structured settlement companies, you will soon find out why we are the best structured settlement company anywhere in the world. We will be happy to answer your questions with no obligation and, if you decide to choose us, we can usually get you your cash in as little as two weeks! Call us at 800-306-9841 or fill in our online form and see what we have to offer.